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Getting Started

Thank you again for your order. Please review the following instructions carefully for the best product experience.

BlueTags™ look like simple stickers, but they so much more. They may look thin and wimpy but they are incredible strong and durable.  We have boiled them, placed them in liquid nitrogen, the microwave, dishwasher, and washing machines. We have scrapped them with knives and sandpaper and poured acid on them. We have even flown them on the tips of aircraft propeller blades and boat motors.

We even turned them loose with kids.

You could not tear one if you wanted to. They have been specifically designed to be noticed, last through all kinds of abuse, and still function properly. For more details on how the BlueTags™ SILVER Linings Subscription process works, click here.

BlueTag™ Uses

The Basics:

  • Scan a couple of your BlueTags™ yourself to prove they work and to set your mind at ease
  • Type your unique URL into any browser for the same experience
  • Simply stick them on all your valuable property anywhere they are easily seen. This will increase the chances of your property being returned
  • Simply stick them in a hidden area to prove ownership if stolen
  • They adhere best to all kinds metal, plastic and wood
  • For best results clean and dry the surface first with any household cleaner
  • For some stylish items like purses and wallets, you may want to place them on the inside flap where someone will see it when they open it looking for identification. That way you don’t distract from your Gucci design look.
  • They adhere to some types of clothing fabrics. For best result place then on the jacket tags on the inside collar. You can test the adhesion of various parts/materials.
  • BlueTags™ use QR Codes which are best scanned on a flat surface. Curved surfaces are fine as long as they are not extreme. For example they scan fine on a beer bottle or baseball bat, but probably not on an ink pen. The more curved the surface, the harder it is to read the scan.
  • You can log into your account at anytime and see the location, date, and time of any scan that has taken place


Tyvek Bands

Simple place one of your BlueTags on the wristband. The can be used on luggage, backpacks, on kids wrists at theme parks, etc.

Note – In the video below the stickers are black not blue like yours…we were still in development when we made this video 🙂


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