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BlueRescue LockScreen Instructions

It only takes a few seconds to get your BlueRescue Lock Screen set up and working properly.

The simplest way is to download the image from the email we sent you from your phone. Try this way first:


First and foremost, if you didn’t get 2 emails from us as a result of your order, please check your SPAM and Junk Folders. One email is your order receipt the other is titled “BlueRescue Wallpaper,”

Open the “BlueRescue Wallpaper” and follow the instructions below:

Open wallpaper email > Click attached image > Download image  > Settings > Wallpaper > Chose new wallpaper > Camera roll > Set lock screen


We suggest you only do this if for some reason you can’t get the email approach above to work.

Step 1 – First you have to get the image from your computer to your phone. Go to My Account > Orders > Order # > Download Lock Screen


Step 2 – Once you have the image on your computer, now you need to get it on your phone. There are several different ways to accomplish this depending on whether you have an iPhone or Android. With Android it is easy, just move the file to your phone via the file manager like you would with any files transfer. Apple has made it a little more difficult, unfortunately.


If you have iTunes this is probably the easiest option besides using email.  Create a temporary folder on your desktop called “images”. Drop and drag your BlueRescue image into that folder. Plug your iPhone into the computer via USB and launch iTunes. Then you need to sync iTunes with your phone. At that point, you should be able to see the wallpaper image on your phone and can set it from there: settings > wallpaper > choose a new wallpaper > select image > set.


Here are some other articles that may be of some help:

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Change wallpaper on your Android device

How Does the BlueTags Service Work?

We have put together a great overview video for you.

Is this the same as “chipping” my pet?

No it is not, and in many ways it’s better.  A chip requires that a veterinarian surgically insert the chip underneath the pet’s skin, usually above the shoulder blades. The information contained within a chip can only be accessed with a special chip scanner that only veterinarians and shelters have.  Your pet wears a BlueTag™ just like a normal dog tag, but with superhero capabilities.

“Chipping” your pet cost $25-$50.

One of the most important advantages of a BlueTag™ over a chip is instant gratification. Your pet is found and precisely located RIGHT NOW. Not after the dog catcher picks him up and eventually, the shelter scans the chip (if your pet has one). Then you have to wait for them to find time to call you.

BlueTags™ are also designed to BE SEEN. A chip is only found if the shelter believes they may have a chip and decides to scan them.

We don’t have anything against chips, they have their place. But they are worthless as an “instant solution” to return your pet home quickly and safely. Unless you have a chip scanner in your back pocket and I’m guessing you don’t. Also, there are lots of different pet chip databases and if you don’t remember your pet chip ID number…good luck. And that only shows the registration data anyway – it tells you nothing about where your dog or cat is RIGHT NOW.

How does BlueTags™ compare to GPS trackers like Tile, Mynt, TrackR, and Whistle?

BlueTags™ =  About $1 per BlueTag vs. $20 -$30 for Tile, Mynt, and TrackR, require no batteries, and BlueTags™ work.

Whistle works much better than the above products but goes for about $80 plus an additional $100+ / yr service fee.

#1 – All GPS Trackers require batteries that must be replaced often or they have no chance of working. BlueTags™ have no batteries. No one remembers to change batteries. When did you last change them in your smoke detectors :)?

#2 – GPS trackers are bulkier and can’t be “stuck” easily to so many items like BlueTags™.

#3 – BlueTags™ are much more durable. No electronic parts. Try boiling or microwaving a GPS tracker. (No – actually don’t try that at home please).

#4 – BlueTooth GPS Trackers (like Tile, Mynt, TrackR) don’t really work. Not yet anyway. Sorry. Here’s why:

Although these technologies seem like a great idea, there is a dirty little secret.

For your property to be found, someone has to come within close range (10-20 feet) of the property. Then they have to have the special company app on that person’s phone for it to send out location data. No one has that app on their phone unless they already own the GPS Tracker themselves. Very few people who walk past your lost property will have that specific GPS product app on their phone.

Almost everyone has a scanner app or can download a free one in 20 seconds.

Everyone can type your URL into a browser.

BlueTags™ is the least expensive, simplest solution, at the greatest value.

If someone wants to keep or steal your property, they simply throw away the GPS tracker or peel off the BlueTags™ sticker. If you have a BlueTag™ in a hidden location, there is a chance you can claim ownership if found.

Do I have to register each product that I BlueTag™?

No. That is the beauty of BlueTags™. Just place the sticker on any of your valuable property. There is no need to register each product. In fact, you don’t need to”register” anything. By simply placing your order, we create your account, the special QRCodes, embed them in the BlueTags™,  and create your unique URL and tie them to your account and your synthetic DNA profile.

I get this message when I scan the BlueTag™ – “User denied the request for geolocation” or “Loading…”.

What’s going on?

All phone apps require that the user “allow” access to your phone for camera or location services. This is a good thing and all cell phone manufacturers require this to protect your privacy and security. You have seen this in action many times when you first use an app. It asks you to “allow this app to XYZ?”

So when scanning a BlueTag with any QRCode app, if you receive this message it means at some time in the past you chose to say “no” to the pop-up that asked for access permission. To change it and allow access, you need to change the settings on your phone. It’s easy and you only have to do it once. See this video for an explanation and example.


How do I participate in your Affiliate Program?

It’s easy and takes about 1 minute to sign up here. We pay a 25% commission on all sales. You simply use any of our banners that you access your account, or you can easily use any text, image or video on your blog or website to create a hot link. Don’t worry if they don’t buy right away, they can leave the web site and come back later and you still get credit for the sale. Here is a short video to show you how it works:


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