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    A craft beer in San Francisco is about $9. That’s a little pricey.

    What’s not pricey for $9 is a BlueTag for your dog.

    They look like this.

    When someone finds your lost dog, they scan the BlueTag™ with any scanner app on their cell phone. They immediately see your contact information and they can tap to call or email you.

    You get a text on your phone with the exact GPS location of where they are at and directions on how to get there.

    You can even prove its your pet with a unique genetic signature called “Synthetic DNA.”

    Yes I am a Rocket Scientist 🙂

    Dramatically increase the chances that your lost dog gets back home quickly, safely, and easily. Only $9 / year

    Not $9 a week or month, but $9 a year.

    What? You say you’re a dog lover but she’s not worth 9 Bucks!

    You cheap piece of sh$!

    Yes we have BlueTags for cats too, but cats can’t catch frisbees. I’m Just saying”


    1 – Someone scans the tag and see your contact information

    2 – You get a text with the exact GPS location and directions

    3 – Proof of ownership with synthetic DNA

    $9 / year – BlueTags for dogs…..and cats

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