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    We offer a Free “Return to Owner” service for cell phones, called BlueRescue™, a wallpaper lockscreen that allows a person’s lost cell phone to be returned quickly and easily, using a safe and secure system.

    When your phone is lost, you simply hope someone will find it and return it to you. In fact, most people WANT to return your phone as they can totally relate – they know how upset they would be.  But with almost all phones locked these days, they can’t!

    We make this easy with BlueRescue™  Lock Screen which we create a unique QRcode and URL just for you. When scanned with any cell phone scanner app, or when your unique URL is typed into a browser, it shows your name/nickname, phone number, and email address so the Good Samaritan can contact you.

    The Good Samaritan sees the property owner’s contact information and can “tap to call”, “tap to text”, or “tap to email”. If they click “OK” to share their location, you instantly get a text message with a google maps link that pinpoints your property’s exact location.

    Umm…wait what? – But you don’t have your phone with you because it’s lost!

    You can assign a 2nd contact number of someone, like your spouse or best friend and they get a text too! That way you can likely get your phone back immediately and not have to wait until you get home to read your email.

    You can change the contact information at any time and as often as you want.

    You can prove property ownership with your Synthetic DNA™ using a One Time Password (OTP) and our DNA matching algorithm.

    Don’t let all your personal data disappear like a dandelion in the wind.

    Free Forever

    No Credit Card Required


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