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  • Are you toilet diver?

    93% of folks who have dropped their cell phone in a toilet have tried to retrieve it.

    7% have lied.

    Why? Because is seems your whole existence lives inside that digital magic machine.

    The average cost of a lost item is $220 and 70% of the population has lost some kind of digital device.

    BlueTags™ dramatically increases the possibility you will get it back. Only 18% of missing items are actually stolen, the vast majority are due to human error. You just left it by accident.

    That is where the Good Samaritan steps in. No one who finds a lost cell phone wants to keep it.  OK maybe less than 1% of the people would do that (they need to get a life.)

    Most folks can totally relate to what you are feeling because they have their lives stored in one as well. Plus the phone is locked and password protected and is basically useless to them.

    Mozy has a real good article that you can read that has more details on a study that was conducted and is the basis for these numbers.

    People are basically good (dont listen to CNN) and will try to get it back to you if they can. Make it super easy with BlueTags SILVER Linings Subscription. Only $19 / year


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