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Additional BlueTags™, Pet/ID Tags, and Wristbands

Your BlueTags™ SILVER Linings Subscription comes with 20 BlueTags™, 2 aluminum pet/ID tags, and 3 wristbands.

For some people this will be all you will ever need. However for some families, this is more of a starter kit.

With this subscription you can purchase as many additional BlueTags™, pet/ID tags, or wristbands as you like and your $19.95 / year subscription never increases.

This adds tremendous value. You can BlueTag™ your entire families’ valuable property. There is no limit to the number of items you can use them on. Just think of all your kids stuff. How about adding BlueTags™ to the inside collar of all your jackets in the closet? Credit cards and drivers licence. Car keys. What about taking all those kids to the theme park? Just add a wristband to each one in case they get lost. Your kids off to summer camp? How about school books?

BlueTag™ all your luggage with the wristbands before you leave the door for vacation.

You get the idea, the applications are endless and they are incredibly affordable.

Additional BlueTags™ $1 each


Additional Wristbands $1 each


Additional Pet/ID $3 each


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