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  • 6 Reasons your Dog’s Tag is PooPoo

    Only $1 plus $9.95 / year service fee

    (use the code “dogtagdiscount” on the checkout page)

    Your dog’s tag was invented by the Roman Empire in 295 AD. It’s time to upgrade.

    Once upon a time, a metal coin stamped with letters and numbers was an advanced idea. It literally changed the nature of commerce across the civilized world. But in 2017, you can do better than that to protect your four-legged friend.

    Here are 6 reasons that your dog’s current tag stinks:

    1 Only offers one way to contact you.

    Metal dog tags usually have room for 2 pieces of information at most: the dog’s name and a phone number. What if the number listed is a landline no one answers? Or a cell phone that just ran out of juice? Or a work phone number on a weekend? And honestly, how often do you answer an incoming phone number you don’t recognize? Almost never, right? Not to mention that when someone finds your dog and does call, they have the awkwardness of asking, “Um, can I speak to the owner of Rufus?”

    How you can do better with a BlueTagTM

    Replace your old-school dog tag with a BlueTag and suddenly, you’ve got a modern-day, scannable code on the tag that enables the finder of the dog to pull up your unique contact page on their smartphone. Your contact page can include your pet’s name, your name, up to 2 phone numbers, and email. They can immediately “tap to call”, “tap to text” or “tap to email” – making it easy for them to get in touch with you quickly and get your dog home safely.

    2 Relies on the geographical cluelessness of the finder.

    Sadly, 82% of the population can’t even point to North, South, East or West. If someone finds your dog on the beach or out hiking, calls you, and actually reaches you, can they reliably explain exactly where they are?

    How you can do better with a BlueTagTM

    One of the coolest benefits of BlueTags is GPS integration. When someone finds and scans your dog’s BlueTag, our system asks them to share their location. If they say OK, you get an instant text message with the exact GPS location of your pet. Tap the text to get detailed directions via Google Maps. Even if the Good Samaritan doesn’t initially say OK, once you talk or text with them, you can ask them to tap the button to send you their GPS location if needed.

    3 – Can get scuffed or scratched beyond recognition.

    Your dog’s wanderlust comes with such antics as squeezing through fences, swimming through creeks, and burrowing through holes. So it isn’t surprising that a cheap metal tag can easily get scratched enough to wipe out your phone number.

    How you can do better with a BlueTagTM

    The secret to BlueTags’ success is the badass stickers we use. They are extremely durable designed for military combat operations or canine mischief. They’re good from -40F to 300F. Waterproof. Scratch proof. Damage proof. You couldn’t tear one if you wanted to.

    4 – Not easily changed or updated.

    Metal tags are pretty much one and done. Is someone dog sitting while you’re on vacation? If your dog gets loose, you can’t do much about it from Rome. Do you buy a new tag with the neighbor’s number, go through the annoying process of taking the original tags off the split-ring, replacing them with the temporary tags, then going through the same rigmarole when you return from your trip?

    How you can do better with a BlueTagTM

    With BlueTags you can update your name and contact information at any time. You can temporarily switch the contact information while you are on a trip, then switch it back again in less than 10 seconds once you get home. If your phone number or email changes, you only have to update it once on your account page, and all your BlueTags™ are up to date.

    5 – It’s inside your dog. Yikes.

    Let’s say you’ve recognized the limitations of a metal tag and get your dog chipped. A chip requires that a veterinarian insert the chip underneath the pet’s skin, usually above the shoulder blades. They say it’s safe, but this kind of a procedure takes time, surgery, and costs up to $50. Plus, the information contained within a chip can only be accessed with a special chip scanner that only veterinarians and animal shelters have. Then you have to wait for them to find time to call you. Also, there are lots of different pet chip databases and if you don’t remember your pet chip ID number or haven’t updated your info with them… good luck.

    How you can do better with a BlueTagTM

    There are many reasons BlueTags are better than chips, but the one we like most is instant gratification. Your pet is found and precisely located by anyone who scans it with a smartphone RIGHT NOW. Not after the dogcatcher picks him up and takes him to a shelter. A chip is only found if the shelter thinks the dog may have a chip and decides to scan your frightened pet to check. BlueTags, on the other hand, are designed to BE SEEN. Your pet wears a BlueTag just like a normal dog tag, but with superhero capabilities.

    6 – Limited to just your dog.

    You tag your dog with the metal thing. You tag your luggage with the paper thing from the airlines, or a pre-made leather thing if you’re fancy. You tag your keys with the thing that might beep if it’s in range. And there’s not one convenient way to tag some of the other things you really can’t lose.

    How you can do better with a BlueTagTM

    Upgrade at any time to a BlueTags SILVER Linings Subscription and you can buy an unlimited number of BlueTags at any time. With one account, you protect not only your dog, but all of your personal items as well: cell phone, tablet, laptop, wallet, purse, credit cards, etc.

    We’ve given you several reasons that it makes sense to replace your current dog’s tag with BlueTag™ dog tags. It all pretty much boils down to protecting your furry friend with something better than a technology invented at the same time as concrete.

    BlueTags are small (0.75″ X 0.75″) ultra-adherent stickers that can be placed directly on the dog collar plastic buckle, on any tag already on the collar, or used with the aluminum tag provided.

    Another obvious reason to switch is that you can get BlueTags for only $1 plus $9.95/year for service when you enter the code “dogtagdiscount” on the checkout page. That’s less than 3 cents a day to try it for a year. We’re 100% sure that your pet is worth it.

    Only $1 plus $9.95 / year service fee

    (use the code “dogtagdiscount” on the checkout page)



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