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  • 19 Practical Uses for BlueTags

    Okay so now you know how BlueTags™ work for your dog. You can put the BlueTag™ on any existing collar tag, use the blue aluminum tag we give you, or the plastic snap buckle on the dog collar.

    But what about all those other things that are important to you? Like our cell phones, iPads, your wallet, credit cards inside the wallet. How often have you left a credit card at a restaurant or bar? Your driver’s license, car keys, jackets, backpacks, laptops. Most people can’t live without their laptop.

    Purses and kids. Yeah kids – but we will get back to kids in a minute.

    Cars and bikes. Cars and bikes? Yep there’s a really cool application for BlueTags™ that can be used with cars and bikes. Suitcases, camcorders, and power paragliders.

    Yeah power paragliders. I even put one on the end of the propeller at 9000 RPM to see if it would stay on – it did.

    We even have a BlueTags™ kits for golf clubs. Anyone who’s ever played golf has left a chipping wedge or 8 iron on the green and not even known they left it there.

    Imagine a foursome 2 or 3 holes behind you sending you a text of the exact GPS location of your club before you even know it’s lost.

    Let’s get back to cars and bikes for a minute. I use this application all the time. So let’s say you’re going to a football game, baseball game, or a street festival. You park somewhere that is crowded and you’re not familiar with the area. Maybe several blocks away from where the event is taking place.

    Leave a BlueTag™ permanently on your steering wheel or your key chain and scan it before you get out of the car. You will see it each time you park and it will remind you to scan it if you are in a unfamiliar place. It’s going to send you a text message with your exact GPS location of the car, so in case you can’t remember where you parked at the end of the event, you have the walking directions back to your car already on your phone.

    Use the exact same procedure if you rode your bike, just put a BlueTag™ on the seat.

    Back to kids for a minute. Nobody wants to admit they have lost a kid, but we all know that happens. Going on field trips or to theme parks, kids wander off. If they’re wearing a wristband with a BlueTag™ it gets scanned and the child gets returned back to you quickly.

    Three Tyvek wristbands come in the BlueTags™ SILVER Linings kit and we also have reusable Vinyl ones for schools and for dementia and Alzheimer’s centers.

    As you can see there are many, many uses for BlueTags™. With the SILVER Lining Subscription you can buy as many BlueTags™ as you want for only a $1 each and the yearly service fee is never more than $19.95 / year.

    BlueTags™ SILVER Linings Subscription

    $39.95 kit plus a $19.95 / year service fee

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