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  • 11 reasons BlueTags™ are better than Sharpies

    Why do I need a BlueTag™, why cant I just write my phone number on my property with a Sharpie?

    1 – Five ways to contact you

    When someone scans your BlueTag™, they see your unique landing page that has your name/nickname, phone, text, and email. They can immediately “tap to call”, “tap to text”, or “tap to email” you, allowing 3 different ways to be contacted immediately.

    You have the option to add a 2nd phone number for a total of 5 different ways for you to be contacted.

    Cell phones are the “most common” lost personal item. The 2nd phone number in this case is critical, well because when they call you cant answer your phone!

    Sure, they can email you and you can read the email on your computer when you get home, but it would be way better to know immediately that your property has been found and where it’s located. A spouse for example as the 2nd phone number could help you get it returned quickly.

    You want to know where your phone was found in the stadium NOW, not when you get home from the ball game.

    What if you lose your kid at a theme park? Wouldn’t it be better for both parents to be notified at the same time as a backup?

    Try writing all that on your personal property with a Sharpie.

     2 – GPS

    Arguably the coolest benefit of BlueTags™. When someone finds and scans your BlueTag™ we ask them to share their location. If they say “OK”, you get an instant text message with the exact GPS location of your property. Tap the text to get detailed directions to your property via Google Maps. Even if the Good Samaritan taps “no” to “allow location”, once you talk/text to them you can ask them to tap the “allow location” button again and the GPS location is sent immediately.

    If someone finds your dog on the beach or out hiking, can someone reliably explain exactly where they are at without this GPS capability? 82% of the population cant even point to North, South, East or West.  This GPS capability helps you get your stuff back quickly, safely, and easily.

    3 – Bad Ass Stickers

    They are extremely durable – designed for military combat operations and are good from -40F to 300F. Dishwasher safe. Waterproof. Chemical resistant. Scratch resistant. Scoff proof. You couldn’t tear one if you wanted to.

    4 – Screen Calls

    When was the last time you answered a phone call from a number you didn’t recognize? Almost never right? That’s why BlueTags™ with 5 ways to contact you are way better than a single phone number. You dont always answer a phone call from a stranger, but you always read your texts.

    5 – Where did I park?

    Whenever you park your car in an unfamiliar place, scan your BlueTag™ on your car keys before you get out of the car. Then if you cant remember where you parked, you will already have a text that shows you exact walking directions. This can be a life safer at concerts, ball games, or street festivals.

    6 – Limited space

    You dont have room to write all that information with a Sharpie.

    7 – Updates

    You can update the name and contact information at anytime. If your phone number or email changes you only have to update it once in your account and all your BlueTags™ are up to date. Even if you have 100 or a 1000 of them. With a Sharpie you will be scratching out a lot of phone numbers and making a mess.

    8 – Vacation

    If a friend or neighbor is watching your dog while you’re away, you can temporarily switch the contact information while you are gone to their phone/email. That way if your dog gets loose, your neighbor gets notified. You cant do much if your in Italy.

    9 – If you sell your stuff

    BlueTags will not come off unless you want them to. If you sell your property, you can remove the sticker with some pick and peel effort.

    10 – You haven’t done it yet

    You could write your name and number on everything with a Sharpie, but you haven’t yet and probably never will. The BlueTags™ are easy to apply to all your valuable items. You can sticker 20 items in just a couple minutes.

    11 – Locating your Hot Air Balloon

    OK – This one does not apply to everyone 😉

    I am a Hot Air Balloon Pilot. I have one of “my wife’s” BlueTags™ in my balloon basket. My wife is driving the balloon chase vehicle. When I land in a remote field, I scan her tag and she gets the text with my exact landing spot!

    There are many more clever uses of BlueTags™ that we haven’t even thought of yet.

    Let us know what clever uses you discover for BlueTags™!

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