How does it work?

When someone finds your lost property, they scan the BlueTag™ with any QRcode scanner on their cell phone or type your unique URL address into any browser. They immediately see your contact information and you get a text with the GPS location. Prove property ownership with your synthetic DNA match.

Dog and Cat Tag Service

Dramatically increase the chances that your lost dog or cat gets back home quickly, safely, and easily. The dog tag of the future has arrived.

BlueTags™ SILVER Linings Subsciption

BlueTag™ everything that's important to you: cell phone, car keys, ipad, laptop, pets, wallet, purse, credit cards, backpack, suitcase, jackets, golf clubs and more. You can add an unlimited number of BlueTags™ to your account and the service still remains only $19.95 / year

Additional BlueTags™, Pet/ID Tags, and Wristbands

Add as many BlueTags™ as you want to your BlueTags™ SILVER Linings Subscription. Additional Pet/ID Tags and Wristbands can be used on luggage, kids, backpacks, or just about anything you can think of.

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    BlueRescue LockScreen...

    We offer a Free “Return to Owner” service for cell phones, called BlueRescue™, a wallpaper lockscreen that allows a person’s lost cell phone to be returned quickly and easily, using a safe and secure system.

    When your phone is lost, you simply hope someone […]

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  • 19 Practical Uses for BlueTags...

    Okay so now you know how BlueTags™ work for your dog. You can put the BlueTag™ on any existing collar tag, use the blue aluminum tag we give you, or the plastic snap buckle on the dog collar.
    But what about […]

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    First Facebook Ad...

    Here is my 1st Facebook ad, wish me luck ! BlueTags™ SILVER Linings Subscription $39.95 kit plus a $19.95 / year service fee Continue Reading →
  • Lost Phone Project – Phase 1...

    We are placing cell phones around the San Francisco Bay area with BlueTags on them just to see what happens.  It’s a social behavioral experiment of sorts and to demonstrate how well the BlueTags “Return to Owner” system works.  Here […]

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  • 6 Reasons your Dog’s Tag is P...

    Only $1 plus $9.95 / year service fee

    (use the code “dogtagdiscount” on the checkout page)
    Your dog’s tag was invented by the Roman Empire in 295 AD. It’s time to upgrade.
    Once upon a time, a metal coin stamped with letters and […]

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  • 11 reasons BlueTags™ are better t...

    Why do I need a BlueTag™, why cant I just write my phone number on my property with a Sharpie?
    1 – Five ways to contact you
    When someone scans your BlueTag™, they see your unique landing page that has your name/nickname, […]

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  • Dog Tag Service...

    A craft beer in San Francisco is about $9. That’s a little pricey.
    What’s not pricey for $9 is a BlueTag for your dog.
    They look like this.

    When someone finds your lost dog, they scan the BlueTag™ with any scanner app on […]

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  • BlueTags™ – The name tag of...

    Wouldn’t it be cool to have a unique name tag for your child? And we mean really unique: the BlueTag™ contains the owner’s Synthetic DNA fingerprint, and will reveal their name when scanned by our mobile app.

    Our weatherproof name tags, BlueTags™ […]

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    Protected: iheartdogs Proposal...

    This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: Continue Reading →

Our Customer Love Us

Read the reviews of some of our Customers

Jake my Labrador Retriever dug under the fence again:( A nice lady found him and scanned his BlueTag. I got a call and a GPS text of his exact location on the beach before I even knew he got loose! - Jacob Walding, Santa Cruz, CA

Robin Chang

I guess my cell phone slipped out of my back pocket in the ladies' room. We were at the Miami Dolphins game. I didn't even know I had lost it, and when I got back to my seat, my husband had gotten a phone call and a text with the exact GPS location of my phone. It would have been impossible to get it back that fast without BluTag.- Denise Cameron, Hollywood, FL.

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